Weirder Together Podcast Network is focussed on creating unique, left-of-center, personality-driven podcasts from

creators that we dig.

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“Weirder Together with Ben Lee & Ione Skye" is a weekly, 30 min podcast that gives an insight into the marriage of two offbeat creative artists who somehow make it work. It has bee called "comforting", "cozy" and "disarmingly funny".

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An interview show from the mind of legendary punk rocker and former Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra. Fascinating guests with strong opinions from one of the original fighters against political hypocrisy, and for artistic freedom.

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“Vague Data” by artist Brock Enright takes place In the future. Din, an artist whose consciousness was uploaded to a Super Sugar Computer, wants to learn how to become a comedian. With the help of Din’s family of sentient robots they attempt to make time-released jokes for future comedy. 


Influential indie-rock musician Lou Barlow brings his lo-fi aesthetic to podcast form. He shares the mic with his wife, charismatic fiber-artist Adelle Barlow. Together they discuss day-to-day life as creators and interview friends and family.